Agitator Set 2 big

Agitator Set 2 big

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Agitator Set 2, big

2 plastic agitators 

  • 1 bottom hexagonal plastic agitator
  • 1 upper big plastic agitator

2 stainless steel agitators 

  • 1 bottom small stainless steel agitator
  • 1 bottom big stainless steel agitator

1 stainless steel screw

  • 1 stainless steel screw suitable for the stainless steel agitators

Good to know

The plastic agitators are suitable for food
The stainless steel agitators are suitable for food contact
The screw is stainless steel suitable for food contact

Be prepared

These small little items are "the tyres of your car"!
You need them in order to keep mixing your great coffee.
Change them REGULARLY!
Have a set in your drawer in order to be ready!!  

Different uses

Be aware of contact between the stainless steel agitators and glass
The best use for stainless steel agitator is inox, plastic, paper cups

Suitable for

All ARTEMIS drink mixers!