What quarantee do you provide?
A Two-year guarantee is provided on all Artemis products, as of date of purchase. The guarantee includes all electrical and electronic parts that make up or accompany the appliance.
The Guarantee is provided on the condition that the appliance is used exclusively for the scope it was designated, and shall not be in effect should the instructions & restrictions provided hereby are not observed.

My product seems to have some technical problem, what should I do?
Do not hesitate. Contact us and we will help you.

Where can I find agitators for my drink mixer? 
You can buy them from our e-shop. You have 2 options, a plastic or stainless steel set.

How can I change my drink mixer's agitators?
The BOTTOM agitator is put ον with a screw on the mixer's shaft. Unscrew this screw with a cross screwdriver, remove the agitator and then use the same screw to put on the new agitator. The TOP agitator is taken off with pressure downwards and put on with pressure upwards.

How soon should I change the agitators of my drink mixer?
As soon as you see that it has been half of it's original size, change it.

Where can I find spare parts of filter and cones for my squeezer?
You can buy them from our e-shop.

Do you have a return policy?
The products may be returned within 5 business days, without having been used, without its package having been opened, or the initial package of the product or the product itself having any scars or flaws. Refund shall be made in the same method as initial payment, unless otherwise agreed upon. In case there are any scars or flaws, return shall not be accepted. In case of return due to defective product, or any other reason, shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.

How do you ship the products?
The products of your order shall be shipped with a courier Services Company, at the place specified in the Order Form.
Deliveries are made within or outside Greece, during working days (Monday to Friday), 09.00- 15.00
Shipping charges vary according to cost and weight of the products, and depend on distance. Products shall be delivered within two or three working days, depending on distance and load.
The place of delivery is specified on Order Successful Placement form. Ownership of the products is transferred only upon full payment, while risk is transferred upon delivery.