Automated Switch

Artemis Automated SwitchNow not just the A-2001 drink mixers but also the MIX-2010 operate with the SUPER automated switch only by Artemis Mixer PC.

Fast & easy to use by just one move!
Place any glass between 11-18 centimeters in the right position and leave it there! The super automated switch will do the rest for you!

Suitable for frappe coffee, milkshakes, milk broth and anything you wish to mix. Cocktails, smoothies, sweet or salty sauces, whipped cream- just let your imagination run free...

Use any kind of glass made either of paper, plastic, glass, stainless steel or even styrofoam. The super automated switch will save you valuable time. Don't go crazy when all these orders come will make it!

Get to know this unique product in the following video: