Artemis Citrus Squeezer Shined AK/5

Artemis Citrus Squeezer Shined AK/5

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The easy way to enrich your drinks

The success of your recipes is based on you and the best of ingredients.
Citrus fruits spread the taste, smell, and beauty to your glasses.

AK/5 SHINED is the tool that can transform your drinks into an experience.
Quietly stands next to you and serves you quickly.

Who should use it

  • AK/5 SHINED is the perfect squeezer for bartenders, health specialists, and passionate chefs who want to improve their creations and the joy that comes out of them.
  • It’s also great for mindful drinkers and cookers whose goal is empowerment and simplicity. 


1/6 hp with thermal protection 220/230 Volt 50/60 Hz
RPM 1500
On/Off waterproof switch
European type cable with earthing connection

Whole squeezer made of aluminum
Stainless steel shaft
High endurance paint
16 different colours

Size & Weight
Dimensions H36 x W20 x D26 cm
Net weight 6 kg




Shined aluminum citrus squeezer
Mirror-like shine. The polished aluminum and stainless steel of the SHINED AK / 5 make it the alternative choice.
The colours of fruit juice are revealed as they flow from the stainless steel bowl into the glasses.
Orange, yellow, and red are the colours of health that are given to us by fresh juices in winter or summer. 

Great endurance
A harmonic design in polished aluminum for greater endurance.  

No noise function
Tones of oranges squeezed and no one will hear to tell!

Stainless steel bucket
Great capacity for greater use

With two plastic cones, a small and a big one, plus a filter for more flexible use. Oranges, lemons, and citrus fruits will offer you their juices!

Instructions - Guarantee
The two-year guarantee provided, as of the date of purchase. The guarantee includes all electrical and electronic parts that makeup or accompanies the appliance.

The guarantee is provided on the condition that the appliance is used exclusively for the scope it was designated, and shall not be in effect should the instructions & restrictions provided hereby are not observed.