Artemis Mixer Shined A-2001

Artemis Mixer Shined A-2001

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The #1 Drink Mixer of world-famous baristas

In an age of unreliability and ugliness, the fact that a product that backups the whole coffee-shop industry is undermined has come to an end.
Today you have to feel calm, happy, and satisfied.
Discover simplicity in action and beauty all day.

A-2001SHINED has been the partner of all great barista around the world.
She is the sexy companion of the best coffee creations.

Who should use it?

  • A-2001 SHINED is the right drink mixer for any professional or home-barista and cooking lover.
  • It’s also great for passionate creators, design lovers, and any woman or man that lacks time but not creativity.


Watt 350
220/230 Volt 50/60 Hz
RPM 15000-22000
2 speed waterproof switch
European type cable with earthing connection

Whole mixer made of aluminum and stainless steel.
Stainless steel shaft
Stainless steel cup
Shined aluminum

Size & weight
Dimensions H47 x W18 x D22 cm
Net weight 5.8 kg

    CE, EMC, LVD


    White gold shine
    The impressive curves of the Α-2001 polished and shined. 

    Regular or Automatic
    Choose between the regular and the automatic model with which you can use glasses of different sizes between 11-18 cm, depending on your needs. 

    Stainless steel cup
    900 ml stainless steel cup, easy to use for coffee, milkshakes, or milk froth.

    With 2 plastic agitators suitable for food, plus a spare one for frappe coffee, milk froth, milkshakes, and smoothies.

    Instructions - Guarantee
    The two-year guarantee provided, as of the date of purchase. The guarantee includes all electrical and electronic parts that makeup or accompanies the appliance.

    The guarantee is provided on the condition that the appliance is used exclusively for the scope it was designated, and shall not be in effect should the instructions & restrictions provided hereby are not observed.